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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Property Taxes, Child Support

In its 11 months the 2008 PlatCom list saw 2400 messages, only a minority of which constituted progress in finding and improving actual platform language.  This thread makes our batting average look good by comparison. :-)

Coming Back To The LP @57:  Of your 12 proposed planks, all but 2 are already included or largely implied in the 27 planks of the current platform.

I don't think any NatCon would ever accept a plank eliminating child support obligations of any parent that doesn't have primary custody, but they might accept something that talks about proportionate custody.

As for property taxes, we should distinguish between taxing A) one's labor, peaceful production, voluntary exchanges, and resulting wealth, and B) the monopoly rents that one might extract by monopolizing a portion of the Earth's surface without leaving "as much and as good" for others (as Locke enjoined).  People on the frontier (i.e. on land at the margin of production) would indeed owe nothing under a geolibertarian policy of returning geo-rent to the surrounding community that created it.

For more on geolibertarianism and green libertarianism, see .  Note especially the long list of prominent libertarian(-leaning) land value tax advocates/sympathizers at .  For an example of how geolibertarianism can be expressed in a platform, see