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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pulling Voucher Numbers From His Orifice

To Michael Seebeck at

Instead of pulling numbers out of an orifice, why not just check the
data? The Friedman Foundation rank 21 school choice programs, and 5 of
the top 7 provide at least 75% of the per-pupil-funding of the
government's monopoly schools. School choice in fact already has very
impressive empirical results, despite the limited amount that it's been

You should only think that vouchers need to exceed public schools in
per-student funding if you believe that competing private schools would
be less efficient than government monopoly schools -- or that the fixed
costs in a private solution would always outweigh the sunk costs of the
existing monopoly. If you think that, then for what other industries
besides K-12 education do you think existing government monopolies are
more efficient than private competition?