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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Re: [LibertarianReformCaucus] Whether To Keep Cicconi On This Forum

Dan Cicconi wrote:
DC) Brian wrote to me: (DC
Cicconi self-servingly omits some crucial context that forum members have not seen yet.  It was this:
Attempted posting by DC: Give me a break Guy, I never name called him directly only let it be known I thought he was full of shit, which he is. [...]

Rejection by BH: Please re-submit sans scatological abuse of group members, please.

DC: Let him defend himself Brian, unless your trying to suck up to the Texas vice chair. Athoritarian [sic] control freak can abuse radicals in every post but when we defend ourselves you guys turn into Hitler pussies.
Only to this "Hitler pussies" insult did I reply:
BH) Heh. The Radical Caucus censored me off their list, created a separate list for discussion, then censored me off that one too.  You can discuss any idea here you want -- unlike on LPradicals -- but you won't be posting that anybody (radical or reformer) is composed of feces.  Nobody has used such language about any radical. (BH
DC)  I responded back:  "OK, agreed dude, I'll resubmit without the feces comment." Since I responded I have kept my word, I have not insulted anyone along these lines if at all. (DC
No, you just repeatedly dismissed the positions of forum members as "crap", called anyone who disagrees with your canton idea an "authoritarian control freak", and then lied about doing so and lied about who insulted who.
DC) You on the other hand have not kept your word as stated above. (DC
False. I promised that 1) you can discuss any idea you want, and 2) your scatological insults will be censored.  I did not give you blanket license to be as boorish as you want as long as you don't mention excrement (which, by the way, you have).
DC) You said any idea would be allowed along as there were no insults but you are the one that continues to insult me Brian as seen below. (DC
False. I challenged you to quote an alleged "insult" from me, and you have utterly failed to do so. Documenting your lies is not the same thing as "insulting" you.  Just because you end up embarrassed and shamed by what I write, that doesn't necessarily mean I've insulted you.  Here are your lies documented again:

Lie #1
DC) Brian who insulted me first (DC
That's a lie.  In message 2178, you responded out of the blue to my message to Starchild by saying "you are full of day dreaming bullshit".
Lie #2
DC Fri 09:41) The only answer is to allow the formation of overlapping cantons, in this way we can all truly be free. If you think about it, anyone that wouldn't support such an idea must be an authoritarian control freak (DC

DC Fri 10:59) I never said those non anarchistic LP's were control freaks (DC