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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Re: Reminder: 6 months vs. 35 Years?

M Carling wrote:
> There is never credit for being a spoiler -- only blame.
We should distinguish the reaction of generic voters from the reaction
of 1) Demopublican leaders and 2) Demopublican diehards.

Re: 1) I recently learned of a past case of GOP leaders negotiating with
the LPGA asking them not to run a candidate in a certain race. I love
that kinda stuff.

Re: 2) I don't mind pissing off Demopublican diehard partisans if it
gets attention for our electoral offering from the ever-growing pool of

At a minimum, we should speak softly of spoiling but carry a big spoiler
stick. I wouldn't agree we should practice unilateral disarmament and
take the spoiler tactic out of our arsenal.