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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thomas Sipos 2Fer: Straw Man and Red Herring

Thomas, if you don't know what Steve LaBianca means by "unapologetic libertarianism", why don't you ask him?  IIRC, he tells us that the mere existence of the state is an abomination against the principles of libertarianism.  Indeed, there are plenty of LP radicals who say that libertarianism -- and the Libertarian Platform -- must include the right of personal secession.  None of these radicals are made of any visible straw (I haven't checked them with an otoscope), and some of them (e.g. Less Antman) are intelligent/honest enough to admit that personal secession (added to the Platform  in the mid-1980s after the Cato minarchists were hounded out of the LP, and included in the Restore04 minority report) is equivalent to anarchism.

You just broke my irony meter by proceeding from your "straw man" charge to talk in your next paragraph about "faux minarchists who want to grow government by supporting an overseas empire".  What self-described minarchist can you quote saying he "supports an overseas empire"?   Congratulations, this is both a straw man and a red herring.  Throw in an ad hominem and you'll score a hat trick.  :-)