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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who In Denver Predicted 5% For Barr?

debra dedmon wrote:
DD) not exactly people in this group , just Reformers in general and that what was what was heard leading up to and at Nat Con , the whole entire  time . not just with campaign employees but with Reformers spreading the message.  Everyone heard repeadedly , they will get in the debates , he will get 5 % (DD
I'm sorry, but I have to call bullshit on that claim.  I challenge you to cite a single Reform Caucus leader or well-known LP "reformer in general" who was predicting before his nomination victory that Barr would get 5% of the November vote, or poll 15% and thus get into the debates.
DD) he'll break the 1,000,000 vote totals (DD
That's a whole separate ballpark.  I was predicting 0.7% as late as yesterday morning, which given the current turnout would have been about 850K votes.  However, I didn't make any predictions in Denver for Barr's performance, because I wasn't asking people to vote for Barr.  I was asking them to vote for Root or Phillies.
DD) I friggin got more votes in my county than Barr , that really sucks  (DD
No, it doesn't -- down-ticket candidates always poll about 5X  to 10X more than the Presidential nominee.  I'm stunned that you didn't know this.