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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yet Another Fundamentalist Cries "Arrogance"

I've already told you what the common pattern is behind such charges of
"arrogance". They are always interspersed among boorish insults from
frustrated people with brittle worldviews built on dogmatic allegiance
to a simplistic axiom -- such as "the Bible is inerrant", or "9/11 must
have been a U.S. government conspiracy", or "the existence of government
is never justified". Once I saw the pattern, the change to my "act" is
what you see here: highlight the pattern, and challenge them to
substantiate their character assassination with even one shred of
evidence. They always fail to do so, just as I knew you would, and just
as the next such dogmatist will.

(Some day I expect that one of these dogmatists will desperately attempt
to cite my comments like the above as ex ante evidence for their earlier
charge, but perhaps they see how feeble that play would be.)