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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anthony Gregory Feels Unwelcome In The LP

The poll's result was clearly skewed by its promotion on the anarchist site, which has 4X the traffic of  A more representative version was Oct 27 poll:
Yes: 69% (638 votes)
Maybe: 13% (120 votes)
No: 18% (163 votes)

The best available data ( suggest that anarchists have dropped below 8% of LP NatCon attendees, who themselves are presumably more radical than the median LP member.

Anthony Gregory alleges that anarcho-capitalists are "unwelcome" in the LP -- a party routinely ridiculed on the blog where Gregory writes.  Of course, he was presumably paid for his speech to the 2007 LPCA convention advocating government abolitionism, and I've never heard an anarchist get accused of violating the LP membership pledge (as we minarchists so often are).  I was invited out of the LP as recently as this morning, by a leader of the Outright Libertarians.  Gregory also writes at, whose founder Justin Raimondo gave a speech to the 2003 LPIL convention advising LP to purge all  liberventionists.  Cry me a river, Anthony.