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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Brian Miller Explains "GOP Lite"

Ah, so "GOP lite" just means "GOP provenance", and has nothing to do with the principles of the platform these GOP-bashing ex-Republicans ran on.  OK, we'll take under advisement your plan to grow the LP by checking everyone at the door for elephant-shaped stigmata.

I don't see a single use by Lieberman of the word "negroes" using web search, blog search, Usenet search, or a search of my archives of LPCA-related fora going back nearly 8 years.  This phantom allegation about Scott's vocabulary is supposed to be your evidence that he, Starr, and Carling oppose LP outreach to minorities?

Bennett never posted to LPradicals during the time I was allowed to read the group.  Back in Oct 2007 when Bennett announced for LP VP, somebody claimed to recognize him as having originally been a Milsted-style reformer. 

However, Bennett quite the LP in July, saying "I did not become a libertarian to be part of a party that is increasing becoming Republican-lite.  [...] We have Bill Redpath, who has been incompetent as the Chair. M Carling is a bigot, sexist and racist. Aaron Starr, Scott Lieberman and Bruce Cohen are all warmongers [...] there is a purge going on. Those in control of the LP want the party to be more conservative and less libertarian [...] The difference between a libertarian and an anarcho-capitalist is 6-7 years."

Bennett then ran for the BTP VP and lost 22-6. In October he wrote: "I hereby withdrawal my name from being a candidate for Chair and resign my position on the NAT-COM. I hereby remove any affiliation from the BTP, it's endorsed candidates and any other capacity hereon to this.  At 36 I have better things to do than to just bounce from party to party to party searching for the right mix".