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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Everyone Should Be As Insultable As The Seebecks?

So to summarize: because the Seebecks are so used to being insulted, it’s OK for an LNC rep who happens to be their friend to issue vicious group-deprecation insults against LP members, who should “man up”. And when another LNC rep compiles those insults and requests an apology, then suddenly he hurt your friend “very badly”, “did it on purpose”, “showed no remorse for it”, and “acted very stupidly”.

Got it.

As Susan Hogarth said: “I’m not sure why there seems to be this need by some folks to paint everything Angela said as some sort of heroic defense of liberty. I count myself as a friend of Angela. When she spoke up against bad things going on, I supported her. But I’m not going to participate in this rather weird sort of martyr-ization of her I see going on.”