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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gutting Miller's Red Herrings

Another Hint At Why The LP Is Such A Train Wreck

I cite facts; Brian Miller smears with content-free name-calling like "Gingrichian".  Miller addresses none of my facts about the LP's founding texts, Starr's public record, or the imagined "neocon"/"UAW" content of Redpath's talking points. Every sentence Miller writes about my liberventionism is just another confirmation of his inability to address these facts. Now I'll gleefully demolish Millers clumsy red herrings that attempt to distract from the above facts:

I publicly called on Angela to narrowly apologize only for insulting party members and urging people not to join the LP, and to stay on the LNC so she can represent her constituents and keep working for LNC transparency.

Miller's "redistributionism" argument makes a lot of sense -- but only if you think that property rights are as arbitrary and contingent under libertarian theory as are the borders drawn on maps by statists.  I for one would not agree with Miller if he claimed that the idea that you own your own labor is as arbitrary as the idea that the Rio Grande should be an international border.

I indeed willingly parted with the portion of my taxes that went for overthrowing Saddam, just as I willingly part with the portion of my taxes that fund defense of liberty here inside our borders.  As for "picking up a weapon", it's inane to argue that unless I'm a combination cop-fireman-jailer-soldier, I can't argue for state provision of these services.