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Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Possible That Angela Has Insulted

Lidia Seebeck wrote: LS) I have no idea how the fact that Mike and I do get our share of teasing and insults has anything to do with Angela’s snark. (LS

I guess you missed where Mike wrote: "If one gets offended over the things someone else says, then the one getting offended needs to reflect and ask why, since nobody else is responsible for that reaction. [...] I’ve been called a lot of names in my life, and frankly very little in terms of personal insult bugs me anymore. [Lidia's] tough as nails..."  His assertion that there's no such thing as being offensive is just as addled as his claim that Angela's employer setting conditions for her continued employment constitutes initiation of force.  (And of course, his claim of thick skin is undermined every time he is overcome by the need to announce that he's ignoring my criticisms of his statements.)

You say that "numerous LP types have insulted Angela and should make genuine apologies for that", but when LNC rep Keaton calls an LP member a "thick-legged hillbilly girl married to their uncle cousin", that's suddenly "harmless teasing" unworthy of an apology.  I call that a hypocritical double-standard.  I defy you to quote any comparable "insult" of Keaton by an LNC rep.  Your comment that "It’s possible that Angela has insulted a few too" exhibits a deep and shocking disconnect from basic reality.

I've never disputed Angela's right to question the actions or "competence" of any LP official -- and I don't consider it an "insult" for other LNC reps to question Angela's actions or competence.  That's a red herring. My complaint here is strictly about civility.  You're flat-out wrong that "the very best thing we can all do is to quit microanalyzing all the minutiae".  No, the very best thing we can all do here is STOP CALLING PEOPLE NAMES -- as Flood asked Keaton to do.  If you disagree, then at least have the honesty to say "it's OK for LNC members to call each other names, and they shouldn't apologize for it".  If you can't say that, then you are not competently disagreeing with me.

As for "microanalyzing all the minutiae", um, maybe you should re-read the microanalysis blog posting at the top of this comments thread.