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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Liberty Decides-style dollar poll on anarchy?

Susan Hogarth wrote:
I think far more significant than its mention on the rads list was its mention/promotion on the Lew Rockwell blog.
Definitely. Thanks for the tip.  That explains why the response is almost 10X the baseline level.  Clearly, if all the anarchists outside the LP (re)joined it, things could get very interesting.

I wonder if would promote it if the LP re-run that poll with votes counted in dollars -- sort of a Liberty Decides on the anarchy/minarchy question.  Donating would allow you to add your dollars to the tally for these questions:
  • Is there a necessary and proper role for some minimal state authority in society?  yes/maybe/no
  • What should the LP's official position be on this question?  yes/neutral/no
I bet this would raise thousands of dollars for the LP.  Maybe we in the LPCA should try to beat national to it...