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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Litmus Test for LP Candidates

Starchild, I'm fascinated by the idea of a litmus test being encoded in
the Bylaws.

Every LP member already is required to sign the Pledge, so you
apparently believe that the Pledge is not a sufficient litmus test for

The most obvious test would be to require agreement with the Statement
of Principles. Proclaiming and implementing the SoP is after all the
formal purpose of the LP, but I'm not sure if you consider it specific
enough for your purposes.

If you formalized your "80/80" idea, then we would in effect say we're
willing to sell out any one of our positions if doing so gives us enough
progress on the rest. That doesn't sound like a very radical form of
litmus test. Even I would be squeamish about a candidate who got less
than 80/80 on my quiz, and I already showed how an unacceptable
candidate could get an 80/80 on the WSPQ.

My primary goal with the 2008 LPUS platform was to transform it from a
detailed anarchotopian wish list to a streamlined statement of baseline
ecumenical libertarianism. I think we pretty much nailed it, and I
would raise an eyebrow at any LP candidate who disagreed in principle
with anything (except abortion) in our current platform. If you're
looking for a workable litmus test, I doubt you'll find a better one
than what we "moderates" gave you in Denver. You're welcome. :-)