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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Marc Montoni loses a bet

No, Marc, I'll give you the last word:

Marc Montoni in 2007: MM) I do not agree that any affiliate has the right to call for a new national sales tax, or even a state one. I do not agree that any affiliate has any right to advocate for school vouchers. And I do not agree that affiliates who endorse candidates who support any of these things should be allowed to remain as affiliates of the Libertarian Party (MM

Marc Montoni in 2008: MM) A LiberCop oozes up out of the slime (I'd say "woodwork" but that's too clean to describe their origin) to beat up on other LP members until all forward progress is "arrested" and the enemies of the Libercop are all "locked away" -- gone from the Party. The average LiberCop (and they are really, really average) spends most awake hours being righteously indignant about other Libertarians who look, think, or act differently than they. (MM

Marc Montoni today: MM) I’m a plumbliner; I think the government is inept at just about everything it does, except gross violence. There are a few issues that I personally do not believe are core issues, and about which I am content for there to be some divergence of opinion on them. (MM