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Monday, December 22, 2008

Miller Not Defending His Lies

Brian Miller, I'm not "pro-war", but rather anti-aggression and anti-genocide.  I've never said the LP is or was liberventionist, and in fact said above "Nobody is disputing that the LP was anti-war -- and especially anti-draft -- from the very beginning."  Just keep demonizing and smearing those you disagree with; it's easier than thinking.  It's wrong when "pro-family" types do it, and it's wrong when "pro-peace" types do it.  If you ever do want to stop hating and start thinking, try answering

As for who's being "embarrassed" here, well, that would be the one who ignores Gene Berkman's first-hand report that David Nolan's formation of the LP "downplayed the Vietnam War as an issue", and who by not defending or correcting the following statements leads us to conclude they were deliberate lies:
  • The Redpath list takes "some swipes at the UAW" [when in fact it mentions no unions at all]
  • Aaron Starr is an "outspoken proponent of foreign military interventionism" [when no such advocacy is in evidence]
  • Redpath's list of economic freedoms are "neocon talking points" [when in fact it ignores the defining neocon topic of foreign policy]
I'll close by repeating that the first official platform of the party "founded largely in opposition to the Vietnam War" did not even mention that war or advocate ending it.  By contrast, that platform did advocate "repeal of all controls on wages, prices" and legalizing "private ownership of gold" -- underlining the connection to the Nixon Shock of Aug 15, 1971.