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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Platform Survey Myths From Thomas Sipos

When the facts are on one's side, one doesn't need to exaggerate at all. 

The facts are at -- direct excerpts from each survey question.

Fact: 3, 6, and 8 were straightforward questions on the long-style Atlanta format.  That format lost fair and square on all 3, just like it went on to lose in Denver.

Fact: 1, 5, and 10 were straightforward questions on the the radical agenda of a deontological / destinational platform.  That agenda lost fair and square on all 3, just like that agenda went on to lose in Denver.

Fact: 2 and 11 were straightforward questions to test the original Reform Caucus vision of a short top-N-list platform.  That vision lost even more badly than I had predicted, but I'd already persuaded the reformers on PlatCom to give up on that vision.

Yes, questions 4 and 9 were softballs with predictably lop-sided responses, but those results didn't favor any of the competing platform proposals so it didn't matter.  (By then the reformista proposal was not about explaining policy "benefits", nor was it about cherry-picking "topics appealing to voters".)   Similarly, question 7 just pitted two different reformer approaches against each other, and the 50-50 response told us nothing.

Those are the facts about Alicia's platform survey.  We now return you to Thomas Sipos' fact-free urban legend, already in progress.