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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Radicals Lose Because of Poor Self-Discipline

Tom, we'll just have to agree to disagree on whether my response to the Trolley Problem constitutes assertion of ownership rights on the lives of some of the victims.

Paulie, "anarchism = incivility" is just not in the Hospers article.  If you think it's there, please quote it.  I don't know what you mean by "disseminate".  Inclusion of something in the binder obviously doesn't require an LNC vote, and I've never heard of such a binder being distributed beyond LNC members. I only heard about it because of complaints about it.  I'll bet you that the Hospers essay was not included purely at the whim of staff, without any suggestion by an LNC member.

"suppose he was put up on a variety of charges like Angela did. Now suppose there was an essay in the binder about the danger of moderates as party sellouts in the LP which implied that they are moles, spies, and infiltrators."

Angela's charges were about being uncivil.  The Hospers essay was about incivility.  Angela wasn't charged with being a mole, spy, sellout, or infiltrator.  Your analogy is apples and oranges.  Look, if you are unhappy with the image of radicals, then maybe you should try (even more) to police incivility among radicals, just as I try to police incivility among reformers/moderates. (I say "even more" because you already do.  Almost no other radical does, and that's part of the reason why they've been losing.)  Quote me any member -- let alone leader -- of the Reform Caucus calling for purges the way I quoted Montoni and Raimondo doing, and I'll stomp all over them.  I don't have the membership list of the Reform Caucus memorized, but I don't think that any Reform Caucus leader has ever called for a purge on my watch.  I watch out for that stuff exactly so that I can bust radicals when they call for purges.