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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Root Really Said

I'll bet that at Wayne's talk to the LNC I was the most hardcore atheist in the room, as documented at  I would have noticed if Wayne had "marginalized atheists" or said that atheists should not run for the LP nomination.  He was asked about referencing "God" in the subtitle of his upcoming book, and he defended doing so.  Keep in mind that atheists are already marginalized: polls show that voters are less ready for an atheist in the White House than they are for a woman, black, Jew, Catholic, evangelical Christian, Muslim, gay, or lesbian.

I didn't hear Wayne claim to be a successor to Ron Paul.  What I heard him say is that he can appeal to Ron Paul voters.  I tend to agree, although the overlap in natural constituencies is by no means complete.

Wayne's talk in San Diego was very persuasive, according to radicals like Gene Trosper and Debra Dedmon who went in skeptical.  Wayne consistently has such an effect on audiences, and the LP needs to take advantage of that instead of taking it as a strike against him (as so many seem to).