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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where Is The Transparency Caucus?

Debra Dedmond, I can't really agree that Stuart has assembled a Penthouse-Letters-worthy collection of sexual references here.  And if he's done so just by quoting a few months' of Angela's choicest bon mots, then I don't agree that the resulting embarrassment to the LP is primarily his fault.   Hmm, I wonder if the Transparency Caucus will leap to Stewart's defense for providing the membership with this particular data slice through the public record of one of our elected LNC representatives?  I'm not holding my breath.  It seems our transparency advocates don't mind a little selective opacity every now and then. :-)  Still, I agree with Chuck Moulton that compilations of intramural flaming -- even flaming that tries to make up in shock what it lacks in Angela's usual cleverness -- are best saved for convention election handouts.

We had only vague unconfirmed reports of PlatCom alternates having been seated for temporary absences in one or two past conventions.  I'm pretty sure it didn't happen in 2006.  The Bylaws hadn't changed in this area, so I suspect that prior PlatComs just hadn't studied the rules closely for differences in the three kinds of alternates therein.  2008 was unique in that it was only the second known time in LP history that a PlatCom was meeting in advance of convention week, and it was a PlatCom that faced an unprecedented Platform repair challenge, compounded by having two diametrically opposed solutions to consider.  Meanwhile, one of the alternates you were hoping would be considered a "friend" was publicly calling some of us on PlatCom "lying puppets" -- right before he asked us to bend the rules and seat him for an absence instead of for a requisite vacancy.