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Friday, January 30, 2009

IFJ Is Better Than ACLU

Morgan Murray wrote:
MM) They do support some measures which are not completely Libertarian (MM
Let's not sugarcoat it -- they support many measures which are absolutely anti-libertarian.  If LP radicals are going to criticize us reformers while saying how proud they are to be in the ACLU, then I'm going to throw the anti-libertarian positions of the ACLU in their face.

Pro-liberty litigation is not subject to the economies of scale, first-past-the-post, and winner-take-all effects of electoral politics, so there is no problem with having multiple pro-liberty litigation shops.  The Institute For Justice is much more consistently libertarian than the ACLU.  I don't understand why a libertarian would donate more to the ACLU than to the IFJ -- especially given the policy trends in modern American history, in which civil liberty increases almost monotonically while economic liberty has been contracting.  For more on that see, Fear Neophobia, Not a "Police State" and The Libertarian Moment.