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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sipos Misleads About Keaton Too

Thomas Sipos, thank you for ignoring my point that Barr turned Republican/conservative donors into perhaps the largest source of recent donations to the LP and its candidates.

My discussion above ignored the "sweat equity" not only of you but of Barr and me.  If you really dare to compare apples to apples, my extensive sweat equity is documented at the link above (, and Barr's sweat equity dwarfs ours both.

If you want to talk about "ignoring essential points", you shouldn't do so in a thread about an editorial where you wasted LPCA newsletter space on a photoshop of Aaron Starr while reporting absolutely nothing about the eight most serious charges against Keaton, to each of which I give a paragraph at  None of those eight charges can be applied to Barr in any way whatsoever.  You're simply cherry-picking the weakest charges against Keaton as a excuse to target Barr while sweeping the rest under the rug -- all under a pretense of reporting what actually happened in San Diego.  (I was in the room, and I can report that your characterizations of Flood's and Keaton's behaviors were equally misleading.)

Elizabeth gave us a much better product for the money -- fewer run-on editorials, no obsession with a single internally divisive issue, and fewer filler articles with no specific LPCA angle.  Still, I've been saying that we over-spend on CF since well before you took over the job that Bruce Cohen and I were doing for free.  (I guess that's another few grand per year of "sweat equity", huh?)

I didn't know you had let your LP membership(s) lapse.  That makes it all the more interesting that the LPCA is paying you $4000/year to propagandize your opinions to our membership.