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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Re: [LPplatform-discuss] Listing Agencies/Laws is a Slippery Slope

Starchild, my answer to each of your "compulsory national service"
questions is no, it doesn't mean that. Except for competition from
non-humans, each of your agriculture questions is subject to significant
disagreement among Libertarians, so I would hesitate to bind the LP's
candidates to a particular position on any of them. Except, that is,
for this alleged right to seed re-use that you posit. I think everyone,
including Monsanto, has the right to withhold a product from the market
unless customers contractually bind themselves to a license. Where this
gets tricky is when the product shows up in the hands of a non-licensee,
as Libertarians have notorious disagreements on the status of
"intellectual property" -- a concept that gets only trickier when
genomes are involved. Would you really have the Platform comprehensively
set forth a single monolithic view on "intellectual property"?

If you think the Platform is "vague" and full of platitudes, I challenge
you to find a politician who will embrace its every sentence. Show me a
politician who subscribes to each of the 27 planks of the LP Platform,
and I will show you a hardcore libertarian.

For what I think is the proper role of our Platform, see