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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Re: [ca-liberty] Re: Cohen's moderation on cal-libs

Starchild, you dragged me into this when you invoked my opinion of
Bruce's moderation and I couldn't confirm your characterization of it.
Nothing you've said has contradicted anything I wrote in my initial
response (repeated below), and all I've said about your
characterizations of what Bruce allegedly did is that you've offered no
evidence to back up your perceptions/memories. I don't see how this
constitutes trying to "show everyone how wrong" you are. I invite you
to re-read my initial response to you below and decide what I wrote that
was responsible for the subsequent "petty back-and-forth".


Starchild, I don't agree with most of Bruce's characterizations of you,
but I don't recall any times when Bruce moderated you because of message
substance rather than format. Those mal-formatted messages from you were
very annoying -- mainly because I usually want to read what you write --
and it's hardly "nonsense" to say that manual carriage returns would
have worked around the problem. I'm glad you eventually figured out a
more elegant solution.