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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Allan Wallace On Closet Homophobes in the LP

Allan, you say "DPI does nothing libertarian".  DPI in fact repeals Prop 8, and only does one other thing: rename "marriage" to "domestic partnership".  That renaming doesn't really "get government out of marriage", but it would be a commendable first step.  I'd ask you to explain how that renaming would force you to sell your house upon your partner's death, but you don't seem to be interested in rational civil discourse here.

Since you are an Outright State Coordinator, your hysterical statement that "only a gay-hating libertarian could like" DPI sheds a lot of light on the thinking behind the recent Outright press release.  Thanks.

Zander, don't hold Rob's behavior against the Outright Libertarians or their issues.  Just consider how many of the 100 Outright members in California whom you have heard from on this issue.  I've only heard from one (Starchild), and he has had no further complaints after hearing the other side of the story.