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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hand-Waving By Allen Wallace

Allen Wallace, just what precisely are these oh-so-vague "essential principles" that you claim "Right-Wing Libertarians" have "given up" "for the smallest chance of political gain"?  Do your conveniently-unspecified "essential principles" include
  • the right to renounce affiliation with any government, and to be exempt from the obligations imposed by those governments?
  • elimination of all restrictions on immigration?
  • that all criminal and civil sanctions against tax evasion should be terminated immediately?
  • repeal of all laws that restrict anyone, including children, from engaging in voluntary exchanges of goods, services or information regarding human sexuality?
  • privatizing national defense?
  • repeal of the Sixth Amendment right of the accused to "have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor"?
Please give us some specifics about the non-token "outreach to the Left" that the LP suddenly stopped doing 3 years ago.  Please tell us how you calculate your "99% outreach to the Right" figure, and what the percentage was 4 years ago.

If you want actual, non-made-up facts about Libertarian prospects on the Left and Right, see the polling data I've assembled at  Read it and weep.

Who precisely are these "big-time Donors to the party, who are considered to be on the left side or left-leaning" and how precisely have they "been disrespected in many ways and been called names"?

Please name for us the 9 or more "Right Libertarians" who have a "nominal majority" on the 17-member LNC, and cite your evidence that each is "Right".  Until you give us these nine names and quotes, you haven't cited a "fact", you've just again waved your hands.

Finally, please tell us where we can find the stone tablets explaining "the full depth and consistency of Libertarian Philosophy".  Do they inscribe the words of a Rothbard or Ruwart?   Do they settle the question of anarchism vs. minarchism?  Do they pin down all of the two dozen ?  Please share your bountiful wisdom and enlighten us with the tablets you've brought down from the mountain.

Steven, if you want a picture of a terrorist, try this one:  Do you disagree he should have been hunted for his crimes?  Not everybody who advocates hunting terrorists is a fan of a so-called "war on terror".

As for Denver nominating Barr, thank you for the smiley disavowing your point as silly.  Wake us when you have the courage to say whether a vote for the 2008 platform qualifies a Denver delegate as a "Republican infiltrator".