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Friday, April 17, 2009

Is This Inflitration Or Not?

Tom Sipos, you said "three types of people exist in the LP.  1. Anarchists, who want to abolish 100% of govt. 2. Minarchists, who want to abolish 99 - 90% of govt.  3. Republican Lites, who want to trim taxes by a few percentage points (nothing that will scare voters), and actually increase govt in certain 'necessary' areas (usually, empire-building)."  

I asked if you can name any of these "Republican lites" for us, and so far you haven't.  That alone qualifies you for a McCarthy comparison.

You seem to believe that a "Republican lite" does not qualify as a libertarian.  If people you would say are non-libertarians have joined the LP in such numbers as to be one of its three types of members, that sounds a whole lot like infiltration.  (Or do you claim that most of these "Republican lites" used to be good libertarians but litened up only after joining the LP?)  Can you explain where I've misinterpreted you, and how you substantially disagree with Wallace's paragraphs 7 and 8 in the blog posting above?

Michael is right to point out that a thread like this is not an accurate summary of current LP activism.  I've already plugged my new RackCard.pdf above, so now I'll share my two latest shirt designs: and  (Sipos, I dare you to smear either one as "Republican lite".)  My order for the first arrived today, and the second design (for my kids' shirts) should arrive soon.