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Monday, April 6, 2009

Knapp Questions Defense Protection Markets

Tom Knapp, I only know of only one anarcholibertarianism advocate (David Friedman) who says that Rothbardian-style protection markets wouldn't necessarily spring up spontaneously in the absence of the State.  Nobody claims a product called "Model T" is inevitable -- let alone defined -- by the absence of mass transit monopolies. However, most anarcholibertarians seem to say that anarcholibertarianism is defined as the absence of the State, and seem to think that their notion of a defense protection market is sure to be realized in any such absence. If you're saying that such a market is farther from an inevitability -- and thus closer to a fantasy -- than most anarcholibertarians advertise, then I welcome your contribution to my side of the argument.

Redistribution is taking from one entity and giving the proceeds to an entity of the same type.  If you define redistribution as merely taking, that remains silly.  The platform doesn't do that, and that's why I still haven't called that platform provision silly.  You, however, seem to think that the Platform has taken a stand against all government efforts to e.g. forcibly retrieve stolen property and "distribute" it back to its rightful owner.  And that's just silly.