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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Outright Had Its Say In Long Beach

Debra, half of Outright's four national officers were at the ExCom meeting, and the resolution was introduced by a prominent Outright member.  Rob had his say at the meeting, and he hasn't added any new arguments to his case since then.  (Contra Mike, I heard Rob claim at the meeting that DPI would cost married Californians their federal tax advantage, but the political naiveté of that claim hasn't been diminished by the numbers Outright has been throwing around since our Long Beach meeting.)  His case hinges on his prediction that the DPI would victimize straight married couples, so by his own admission he is not "living" the risk he says DPI poses.  (He told Mike that DPI would "harm his family", but I haven't seen him specify how it could do so.)

Bob, when two Libertarian leaders disagree, there are only a few for whom I'd be willing to agree with the one before hearing from the other.  Rob isn't among them, and the incident to which you allude is one of the reasons why.