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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Platform As A Purging Tool?

Starchild wrote to Bruce Cohen:
SC) None of the "suits" want anarchists out of the party? That's an interesting claim too, considering that many of them seem intent on writing material into the LP platform and literature that assumes government has a legitimate role.  (SC
Are you saying that when the LP platform and literature assumes that government never has a legitimate role, this reflects LP anarchists wanting minarchists out of the party?  That would be an interesting admission, but I can't say that I recognize in myself the feelings you seem to be projecting here.

Then again, per Silicon Valley rules, I don't own or wear a suit, and wore shorts and Tevas to work today.

Note that the 2008 Platform rewrite did not introduce a single word about government having a legitimate role.  Instead, it restored the symmetry of the Dallas Accord, so that the Platform is again as respectful of small-government minarchist principles as it is of zero-government anarchist principles.  For details, see