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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Re: [LibertarianReformCaucus] No-compromise message of Young Americans for Liberty

Starchild, by your standards, these people are egregious compromisers.
Why shouldn't we think that the size of their crowd is proportional to
the size of their compromises?

Note also that, by my standards, you are a compromiser compared to me.
In fact, most Libertarians can say that about each other. It's easy to
claim vaguely that one does not compromise, but show me two libertarians
with no disagreements, and I'll show you at least one compromiser.

Wisdom lies in recognizing what constitutes acceptable mutual
compromises. In that respect, the LP could indeed learn a lot from the
Campaign For Liberty, which last I checked does not have a platform
anywhere near as comprehensively principled as that of the LP. Quick,
what are their "no-compromise" positions on abortion, immigration, gay
marriage, and taxation?