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Monday, April 6, 2009

Self-Governance Works All Too Well

Tom Knapp, I just don't see tax dollars funding courts as an attempt to adjust the wealth levels of judges, bailiffs, corrections officers, etc. in relation to those paying the taxes.  If you see it differently, we'll just have to chalk this up to one of us needing to visit the optometrist.

This is the first I've heard of you warning that we cannot be confident that protection markets will operate under anarchy as Rothbard et al. assured us they would.  Again, welcome to the team.

It was amusing enough @1 when Susan tried to discover a taxation ban buried in the Platform's injunction against wealth redistribution.  It's even more amusing for you to cloak yourself with this morsel of Platform backing even while you admit (as you just did) that this injunction must then also rule out all government efforts to “redistribute” stolen property back to its rightful owner.  If you guys unearth any more hidden meanings in the Platform, please let us on PlatCom know. :-)

For your claim that statism has "obviously and miserably failed to grapple with" social problems, see our earlier discussion e.g. .

Susan, the problem with self-governance isn't just that some people aren't very good at it.  The bigger problem is that most people are /too/ good at it, and their rational self-interest leads inevitably to massive market failure in 1) underproduction of non-rival non-excludable goods and 2) overconsumption of rival non-excludable goods.   Details at: