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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Senator Joe McPhillies Has A Secret List

Actually, Tom, RRONR (p. 280) recognizes that resignations can be adversarial too: "A resignation sent in to escape charges need not be accepted."  Failing to pay dues seems no less administrative than failing to miss consecutive meetings, and if the latter requires no adversarial proceedings, the former shouldn't necessarily need to either.  Are you worried that a rogue Secretary might stage a coup by summarily unseating half the LNC on false charges of dues shirking, but could never do so on false charges of non-attendance?

The central question here isn't some "adversarial" versus "administrative" distinction that you're trying to read into the rules.  The question here is whether the suspension-for-cause procedure must be followed to enforce the three Bylaws requirements for continued LNC membership: attendance, sustaining membership, and not being a candidate of a non-affiliate party.  An answer is suggested by the fact that these three requirements apply to all LNC members, whereas the suspension-for-cause process does not apply to regional reps.  Are you now going to tell us that if a regional rep shirks his dues or runs for office as a Green, nothing happens until the region's affiliates notice?  I would think that the Secretary has just as much authority to note a regional rep's resignation as to note a regional rep's refusal to pay dues, and that neither form of exit requires a vote of the appointing region.

If a Pat Dixon were running in a GOP primary as a Ron Paul Republican, you'd be shouting "Dixiecrat!" and claiming that he'd vacated his LNC seat.  Are you telling us the LNC could forgive such apostasy simply by not mustering a 2/3 vote for suspension-for-cause?  Are the Bylaws rules, or suggestions?

George, do you have a list of state LP affiliates that "have been taken over by Republicans"?  Can you even name one?  This whole McCarthy-esque I-have-a-secret-list-of-Republican-infiltrators trope is getting pretty tedious.