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Thursday, April 2, 2009

When "Libertopia Now!" Becomes "Pragmatism!"

Debra, Rob and I weren't the only ones who voted to support Prop 8 more.  Five others did too.  The only ExCom member who voted against it was a radical who voted on the principle that the LP should not advocate fixing the government's marriage machinery when we should instead oppose the existence of the machine.  As Zander said, there are quite a few Libertarians who look at this issue this way.  Many of them are from the LP's radical wing, where Rob sought allies in the Platform struggle.  It's interesting how the "Libertopia now!" battle cry can change so quickly to "Pragmatism!" if the issue is right.  (I still don't see what's impractical about advocating both Prop 8 repeal and renaming of marriage to partnership, but Rob has said that his purported pragmatism here stands in contrast to positions that he says pragmatists criticize as "purist".)