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Friday, May 1, 2009

Repeating Questions Tom Knapp Didn't Want To Answer Earlier

Tom, are you saying that suspension for a dues lapse can be effected by approving the Secretary's report of said lapse, by the same sort of procedure and voting margin as approving minutes?

I repeat: The question here is whether the suspension-for-cause procedure must be followed to enforce the three Bylaws requirements for continued LNC membership: attendance, sustaining membership, and not being a candidate of a non-affiliate party. An answer is suggested by the fact that these three requirements apply to all LNC members, whereas the suspension-for-cause process does not apply to regional reps. Are you now going to tell us that if a regional rep shirks his dues or runs for office as a Republican, nothing can happen until the region’s affiliates notice?  In other words, in the case of regional reps, are the qualification rules for LNC membership merely suggestions to the appointing regional affiliates?

Secret Agent Man thinks I'm "jockeying" for Wrights' seat by -- wait for it -- recommending that Wrights keep it.   Sorry, S.A.M., that sort of reverse-psychology works on my 3-year-old, but not so much among us grownups.