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Monday, June 8, 2009

Wayne Root's Radio Talk Show Debut

I caught the last half of the show Saturday morning.  Root and Napolitano did lots of Obama bashing, but admittedly there is plenty to bash there.  I can't think of anybody else in the LP besides Root who could exhibit such command of this talk-radio format.   We need to find the LP's best speakers and funnel them to Root as future guests.  Steve Kubby is great as a radio interviewer, and it would be cool if he were a regular on the show. Chris Agrella (running for Congress near L.A. in a July special election) proved to be an excellent extemporaneous speaker at the LPCA convention in Visalia.

The Napolitano segment didn't mention the libertarian brand very much; I hope/presume it was mentioned more in the Ron Paul segment that I missed.