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Friday, July 24, 2009

What Donny Ferguson actually wrote

Starchild wrote:
A more accurate   description of the debate is whether our ideas will come first, or   whether we will take the approach so clearly articulated by Donny   Ferguson in the "Monday message" communication from the national   office in which he said, "winning is the most important principle."
No, this out-of-context 6-word quote is a caricature -- from the guy who complains when responses to him don't quote his entire message.  Here's some context:

Libertarians believe in the principles of individual rights, non-initiation of force and limited government. But in a nation where Democrats and Republicans work together to deprive you of civil liberties, of the fruits of your labor, and your right to create jobs and earn wealth in a free market -- the most important principle is winning.

The only way to take back our rights is to take those libertarian ideas voters agree with us on, such as tax relief, school choice, property rights, and run winning political campaigns that identify, organize and  mobilize voters.

And here's the beautiful thing about having political power. It's a zero-sum game. If you're in office, even if you don't have the votes to repeal anything, the high-tax Democrat or the deficit-spending Republican aren't there to vote for more government. There is nothing more noble and principled than winning an election.

Our liberties and our economy are in grave danger at every level of government, all the way down to town councils. The only way to protect our rights and create jobs is to begin taking power from Republicans and Democrats, starting at the local level. Conceding power to Republicans and Democrats so you can spend your time debating arcane issues may feed the ego, but it starves liberty. In this present crisis, winning elections is the most important
libertarian principle there is.