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Friday, August 7, 2009

How A St. Louis Accord Should Differ From Dallas

Mik, I've expanded the blog posting to clarify what I think this language says.  I see this as different from the Dallas Accord in at least the following ways:
  • It summarizes/clarifies the LP's purpose and goal.
  • It declares the the LP should unite voters who want more liberty.
  • It implicitly rejects the two competing Pledge interpretations of "we're not revolutionaries!" and "smash the state!".
  • It suggests an ideological baseline for the LP: never adding to aggression, seeking to banish it, and always advocating full rights to your body, labor, peaceful production, and voluntary exchanges.
  • It explicitly says that principled Libertarians can disagree about the details of what constitutes aggression.
  • It explicitly commits the LP to not contradicting anarchism (whereas the DA was implicit/unofficial).
  • It implicitly commits the LP to not contradicting minarchism through Rothbard's tactic (admitted in a 1983 letter) of systematically opposing every possible function of government.
I see this as a convention resolution.  It could almost fit into the Platform Preamble, but it's probably too inward-facing for that.  It definitely cannot be targeted for the SoP as long as the 7/8 rule is in effect.