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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alex Peak Says Anarchists Just Want To Get Along

I agree with much of this, but the idea that the LP is in danger of becoming “a third party that looks identical to the Establishment party” is such a tired canard that its evisceration is kept on file here:

The same sentence also seems to spread the Wasted Vote mind-virus, which is by far the biggest obstacle confronting the LP. One antidote for this meme is at

I have no problem with welcoming anarchists. My problem is with privileging their school of libertarianism, e.g. by giving it effective veto power regarding the platform. For details, see

I reject the apparent assumption in the essay that anarchism is the purest or most principled form of libertarianism. Not by this metric it ain’t:

Nevertheless, I see plenty of common ground here, and it sounds to me like Alex would subscribe to the draft St. Louis Accord.