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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ron Paul's Human Life Amendment

Mr. Blanton, I indeed wrote "Ron Paul has supported a constitutional amendment banning abortion".  I found the text for the Human Life Amendment:  It says: "No unborn person shall be deprived of life by any person: Provided, however, That nothing in this article shall prohibit a law permitting only those medical procedures required to prevent the death of the mother."

Yes, I've argued repeatedly that Ron Paul is a solid libertarian, albeit not a flawless one.  Wayne Root has been criticized as unlibertarian for saying he would end the federal drug war and leave it to the states; I'm glad to hear you don't share in that criticism.  Since you apparently aren't willing to share your evidence that Beck is no less libertarian than Root, I stand by my judgment that from what little I know of Beck, he's in the libertarian quadrant but (unlike Root) is not libertarian enough for me to accept him as an LP presidential nominee.

You're right to suggest that I shouldn't care what you think: I don't.  What I care about is marking my positions to market, by answering public criticisms of them.  Send me your rants via private email, and they won't even be opened.

Speaking of mark to market: yes, Bob, I too liked the idea of relaxing the mark-to-market requirement -- permanently, in fact. I can live with a requirement to publish mark-to-market-based data, as the absence of such data is arguably fraud.  But once that data is public, I don't think the government should mandate the use of that data in e.g. margin requirements.  If your broker lends you too much margin, that's between you and her, and it's no business of the government.