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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Attacking The Wasted Vote Fallacy

I totally agree that the Wasted Vote Fallacy is by far our biggest problem. We need to target that issue much more intensely.

I started thinking about it in (what is to me) a new way this week, as I was back in touch with a friend who has pretty much burnt out on LP activism. I’m thinking of saying to him something like:

Imagine that the Ds and Rs managed to simply outlaw all other parties. Then imagine that we Libertarians had waged a multi-decade battle to strike down or repeal that law, and just this week we were finally allowed to engage in electoral politics as Libertarians.

How would you react to that opportunity?

And why shouldn’t you react to THIS election season in the same way?

Maybe similar rhetoric could work on voters, too:

If voting Libertarian were illegal, wouldn’t you demand the right to do it? The only wasted vote is the one that says that Left and Right give you all the choice you need.