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Friday, October 30, 2009

Bob Goodwyn Disagreeing With Voices In His Head

robert goodwyn wrote:
RG) pro-government operatives like Brian Holtz. [...] as Holtz and his buddies try to get us into war with Iran. (RG
All one needs to know about this dispute is that, to rationalize my disagreement with him, Bob has to fantasize that I'm a "pro-government operative" and that I've ever advocated war with Iran.  Bob's disagreement isn't with me, but with the voices in his head.
RG) They will make the very true statement that "Sometimes you have to" and then heap innuendo to imply that "(this is one of those times)." (RG
Bob, I challenged you to say: "The U.S. military should never be used to depose a genocidal totalitarian WMD-using ballistic-missile-firing neighbor-annexing terrorist-funding sadistic maniac who defiantly persists in what the Security Council declares to be 'material breach' of his agreement to be inspected for cessation of his earlier WMD programme."   If you want to disagree with ME, rather than with the voices in your head, then you have to either say that, or dispute that all of these predicates about Saddam were factual.  If you do neither, then you just aren't disagreeing with me -- as much as you'd like to think you are.
RG) Notice that for all his adjectives about Saddam, Holtz and his war caused far more suffering than Saddam ever did. (RG
1) I didn't cause the invasion of Iraq, but thanks for letting us know what you have to make yourself believe in order to rationalize the fact that a libertarian could disagree with you on this topic.

2) The war I advocated was finished when the mass-murderer Saddam was pulled from his spider hole nine months after the invasion.  The most careful body counts and survey estimates of violent deaths in Iraq since the invasion come in at 100K-150K, and the wildest estimates come in at 600K-1M.  Whatever number you use, the majority of those deaths have been fratricide among Iraqis, and a large number of them were from the Sunni-Shia civil war that boiled over in 2006, well after Saddam was captured.

By contrast, Saddam's death toll is at least one million, and probably closer to two million:

Thus your claim is simply false -- even if you try to personally blame me for the Sunni-Shia civil war, and fantasize that it wouldn't have eventually happened whenever Saddam and his sons finally ended their genocidal totalitarian reign.
RG) As for his calculations of collective responsibility, I suggest that he save them for the collectivists. (RG
Re-read the subject line. You started this conversation by invoking my alleged collective responsibility for the Iraq war and asking me personally for a refund.  I'm either 1) innocent of it, 2) entirely responsible for it, or 3) I share in some collective responsibility for it.  Make up your mind.