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Friday, November 13, 2009

Re: [CALPCandidates] Geolibertarianism in one paragraph

Adrian, the best examples of geolibertarianism are indeed the simplest and most local.  Malls, hotels, condo associations, homeowners' associations, industrial parks, floating cities (like The World) -- all of these provide examples of local coordinated investment in public goods in order to increase the value of the local sites.  These groups tend not to invest in public goods that don't yield a positive return in terms of increased site value.  When you decentralize government down to this scale, it looks less and less like The Omnipotent State, and more and more like a private community.  That's why Prof. Fred Foldvary, the leading geolibertarian theorist, calls himself a "geoanarchist".  He would even disagree with Pam that the State has the moral authority to impose a per-baby head tax.  His position is that the State should have no authority to arbitrarily "tax" innocent people for their labor or existence, but instead may only impose fees/fines/levies on the aggression constituded by depleting, polluting, congesting, or monopolizing the natural commons.