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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Re: Trials for Terrorists

Harland, the only "distorting" here was when you wrote "You certainly are calling for a coerced confession, Brian Holtz."  My actual position is just that KSM should have the right in open court to proudly claim credit for planning 9/11 if he wants to.  You clumsily tried to twist my words into supporting the courtroom use of a coerced self-incrimination against a defendant, when of course I have never supported that and would never do so.

If you think I've "distorted" your position here, then I invite you to do what I just did above: quote the other person characterizing your position, and then explain why it's a misrepresentation.

It's hard to tell, due to your evasiveness, but you appear to maintain that KSM's mistreatment means that you believe he should not be allowed to plead guilty to planning 9/11, even if he really did want to.  I find that position too bizarre to bother debating, but I remain curious whether you dare to actually assert it.

Do you maintain that government misconduct means we can't know that KSM was involved in planning 9/11?  I'm not particularly interested in educating you about why history will record that he indeed was.  I just want to get your fascinating beliefs on the record, to play back for you when KSM boldly stands up for the beliefs that you apparently wish he didn't have.  (I guess torture victims don't make good poster children when they are proud of murdering thousands.)