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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Greens Wouldn't Like In The Free Earth Manifesto

Kimberly, by "insiders" I really just meant anybody with insight into what positions that Greens would be willing to officially adopt.

I could hazard my own guesses.  I suspect that Greens could accept all the principles of the Free Earth Manifesto except for wanting to qualify those labeled: Aggress Not, Contract, Property, Risk-Taking, and Self-Defense.  They might also quibble about the Free Trade and Free Farming principles, as I doubt that uninternalized externalities are their only objections to free markets in these two areas.  And, to the extent they realize its implications, they probably would reject the sweeping preamble statement: "The powers of governments are just to outlaw only force initiation and fraud, and to tax only monopolizing, depleting, polluting, or congesting the commons."