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Monday, December 14, 2009

Anti-War Still Doesn't Grow The LP

A Libertarian shouldn’t suggest that nanny-state spending is not “discretionary”.

What is the latest information on whether Gravel is continuing his association with the LP? The most recent data point I have is that he sent his daughter Lynne to stand in for him at a Nov 20 2008 LPCA fund-raising dinner.

“bourgeois” …. “lackeys of the capitalist ruling classes” … “capitalist elites” … “campaigns to destabilize socialist and oppressed countries” … “dismemberment by the imperialist powers of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” etc.

Angela, Eric, et al. — good luck creating creating libertarians out of the sort of people at whom this rhetoric is aimed. It seems likely that either you or your bedfellows are badly misreading your audience.