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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good LP Press Release On Afghanistan

This was an excellent press release. Around the block, you must have been on the far side of the block the last time LPHQ published an Exit Strategy white paper. :-)

This release is an improvement over the Afghan poll that recently held. While that poll cleverly tried to make the point that both Ds and Rs favor escalation in Afghanistan, it didn't really give Libertarians a chance to explore their differences. It should have included choices like:

* indefinitely suppressing any Islamist/Taliban resurgence
* transitioning security responsibility to a federal democratic government
* finding and destroying al Qaeda by taking and holding ground
* finding and destroying al Qaeda by opportunistically applying air, airborne and spec-ops forces
* renouncing any role for the U.S. military in retaliating against Afghan-based anti-U.S. terrorists