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Monday, January 4, 2010

Organize Voters, or Office-Holders?

Some elected offices have a lot of constituents but relatively little authority. A more useful way to rank non-judicial office is by budget authority. For example, the pro-rated budget authority of the LPCA’s top elected Libertarians is $37M (John Inks, Mountain View City Council) and $24M (Tom Tryon, Calaveras County Supervisor). For the LPTX, the corresponding figure is $2M (Ruben Perez, San Antonio River Authority). On my local water board, my score is $0.7M.

Tom Halloran’s share of New York City’s budget is about $1B — 30 times bigger than LPCA’s top office-holder, and 500 times bigger than LPTX’s top office-holder.

While it’s nice to know which election winners call the LP their preferred party, a better measure of our success would include all election winners that publicly accepted LP endorsement.

At this stage, it’s more important for the LP to mobilize like-minded voters than it is to get libertarian office-holders to caucus as Libertarians.