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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Which LP Bylaw Redefines Registration?

Bylaw 11(3) says "delegates to a Regular Convention shall be selected by a method adopted by each affiliate party".  It also  says "At all Regular Conventions delegates shall be those so accredited who have registered at the Convention."  The Bylaws thus clearly imply that registration is a separate step beyond merely being satisfying the conditions that make one entitled to register. However, our Bylaws say nothing about what "registered" means, so its meaning is to be sought in RRONR.  On p. 593 we read:

<i>Registration -- which normally includes these steps:
a) Submission, by the member intending to register, of evidence that he is entitled to do so;
b) Verification by the committee, or a subcommittee of it, that the member's credentials are correct;
c) Recording of the member as officially registered, upon his paying the registration fee (which is sometimes sent in in advance) and signing the list of registrations; and
d) Issuing of the particular badge to which the member is entitled, the official program, and additional necessary information, such as time and place of individual section or committee meetings or workshops. </i>

This seems like a pretty straightforward and reasonable definition of "registration".  If someone thinks that this is not the language governing the definition of "registration" in the LP Bylaws, then can he please quote where the Bylaws provides an overriding definition?  I can't find it.