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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fees and Fines, But Never Taxes

In, "Pamela J. Brown" wrote:

BH) "public goods tend to make the property value go up, not down." (BH

PB) Govt -- as value added, as the source of all wealth/  capital gains. Aw, I GIVE UP (PB


The public goods I mentioned were "courts, police, border defense, streets, flood control, fire hydrants".  IIRC, you yourself agree that government should finance most of these things, but with a head tax instead of a tax on the land value they create.   I don't see why a poor tenant family should pay several times more in taxes than a bachelor land baron whose wealth is subsidized by tax-financed public goods. (And wouldn't an absentee landlord pay no head tax at all?)

I oppose all taxes on heads, wages, payrolls, interest, dividends, capital gains, profits, gifts, inheritance, consumption, manufactures, value added, sales, exchanges, transfers, transactions, imports, exports, inventories, financial assets, capital equipment, structures -- i.e. your body and labor and all you make using them.

The only "taxes" I can support are
  • self-assessed non-mandatory land value fees for access to local streets, pipes, courts, cops, and parks
  • fines for polluting, congesting, or depleting the natural commons (e.g. air; water in rivers, lakes, oceans, and aquifers; migratory wildlife; broadcast spectrum; waterways, air routes, orbits; etc.)
Keep all you make, pay for all you take.